How to make squishy buns!

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How to make squishy buns!
Squlpey Mold maker
Yellow Paint
White Paint
Brown Paint
Eye Pin ( Optionable )
Yellow, Orange, Brown Pastel or Eye Shawdow
1 Pen
1. Get your Sclupey Mold maker and place it in like a bowl shape, take your yellow paint and drop in 2 drops in.
2. With your brown paint drop in 1 drop in.
3. With your white paint drop in 1 drop in.
4. Mix it in well until you get a pale yellow colour.
5. Take a piece of the mixed clay and flatten it out.
6.Shape your flate clay into a dome.
7.Get your pen and roll it around the edges.
8.Shape the dome out better.
9.Get your pastels or eyeshadow.
10.Pack any yellow colour on your brush/paint brush.
11.Dust it on the edge of the bun.
12.Pack any brown colour.
13.Dust it on your top bun again this is your base colour.
14. If the bun is too brown get an orange colour and put it on the brown to constract it.
15. Put the eye pin in.
16. Finally, bake the bun in a toaster oven/ oven in 200’f ( or abit lower ) for 20 minutes.
Let it cool and then your all done! Hope this helps 😀


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